Post Colonial Theory of Heart of Darkness


Please look at the attachments for full understanding of the assignment. Overall the review will be analyzing The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Tempest (both which i already have an essay of postcolonial themes that I will attach as well), and Heart of Darkness.  The Essay 2 assignment builds on the analytical skills you displayed in Essay 1, asking you to deepen those skills by applying two lenses to the readings. We’re also adding in our Weeks 5 and 6 reading, Heart of Darkness—a key piece of 20th-century literature. Exploring the intersection of two different themes is an opportunity to narrow your scope even further, giving you a stronger foundation for analysis. The essay should have the elements of a scholarly literary analysis: APA citation style; a narrow, arguable thesis statement; separate supporting ideas with topic sentences/transitions; and a dynamic conclusion. In this essay, you are expected to do the following: 1.      Select two of the themes of postcolonial theory that you would like to explore. These will be the lenses through which you look at the literature. You’re more than welcome to stick to the same initial theme you chose for Essay 1 and add in a new one, or you could choose two entirely new themes to apply. 2.      Describe the lenses and explain how/why they represent a promising combination. Why are they worthwhile to discuss in relationship to one another? How do they inform one another? How does the combination limit your approach in helpful, constructive, or opportune ways? Be specific. 3.      Apply that lens to The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Tempest, and Heart of Darkness. This should be the bulk of your writing. How do the themes function within the story? What specific moments in the story are valuable for drawing deeper insights about the intersection between the two themes? Include balanced textual evidence, not simply general statements about the plot elements or characters. Ultimately, the analysis should answer this question: what do these three stories reveal about how these themes combine? What insight(s) can we take from the readings that apply beyond the literature? Additional advice: Your essay should be a postcolonial analysis, not just a character study or a general discussion of symbols in the literature. The focus on colonial relationships should not be difficult to maintain, especially as we’re tying in 20th-century literature that’s directly tied to actual colonial events. However, it’s worth reiterating that you are expected to apply poco theory. Combining two themes shouldn’t be much of a stretch since the themes are all interconnected to begin with, but definitely contact me if you’re having trouble working through ideas or weighing your options. As you can see in the rubric, a specific length is not part of the grading criteria, but successful essays are generally between 1,000 and 1,500 words in length, not including the References page. If it’s shorter, your analysis may not be deep enough or include enough specific examples from the text. If it’s longer, you may have included too much plot summary or other padding. Use the rubric as a guide. My Essay 1 advice (on that assignment sheet) about the balance between summary and analysis applies here, as well as my advice about not over-relying on the ideas of others. Get started early enough to be able to write the essay over a few different sessions so that you’re under less pressure to come up with phenomenal insights in the moment—often, those emerge after you’ve taken a break and given the ideas enough time to marinate. Those breaks are only possible with an early start, though. Feel free to send a draft (or some preliminary ideas) to me, and submit a draft to the UIW Online Writing Center.

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