For each part, focus on a different assigned reading from the course syllabus and quote passages to illustrate your observations.

PART I: Several of our works this week portray significant or complex relationships between characters. Choose one that stood out to you as particularly moving or engaging. Describe the relationship and explain why it resonated with you.

What is Post Modernism
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PART II: Research one of this week’s authors and tell us what about his or her biography struck you as being reflective of issues in the work. Be sure to cite all biographical information you report. Make clear connections between your research and specific passages from the assigned reading you choose.

Flannery O’Connor Biography
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PART III: Post-modern work is sometimes ambiguous. In O’Brien’s story, we meet a soldier who goes AWOL- he leaves his post and a squad of men is sent to find him. How do you think this story ends based on what you see in this short excerpt? What clues can you tease out of the chapter to give an indication of where this story might be headed?

Going after Cacciato

O’Brien’s work focuses on Cacciato before he becomes AWOL. Therefore, you are tasked with ‘guessing’ about what happens next after reading this short section. If you prefer, you can focus on why Cacciato says this at the end of the story: “You will. You got a terrific sense of humor.” Refer to additional passages from the reading to support your interpretation.


INITIAL POST must meet the 200-word minimum requirement. For each part, include quotes from the assigned readings with MLA in-page and bibliographical citations. Balance answers: give each part equal attention.

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