PR Case Analysis


Students will complete the following in the paper:  1. Provide a complete overview of the PR campaign. In this summary clearly, articulate the purpose and function of the selected campaign and include a thesis statement for your paper.  2. Provide a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis) of the campaign. It is implied that you will refer to your sources to help you determine all aspects of the SWOT analysis. In this, include the background of the company/organization, a historical perspective of communication related to the campaign topic, and discuss (in detail) each point of the SWOT analysis.  3. Provide a critical evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign. Using information from the course reading and assignments, share relevant PR models and communication theories that relate to the tactics, programming, research, objectives, and implementation of the campaign. Determine the campaign’s effectiveness using PR models and theory from your sources and the course texts.  4. Evaluate the programming of the campaign. Clearly share what the organization implemented to reach its publics, the campaign’s messaging, as well as the use of relevant media coverage (traditional and social media) and relevant tactics used to meet their campaign goals and objectives.  5. Ensure your paper uses APA format with proper citations, references, and formatting. Students will analyze a Silver Anvil-winning PR campaign as a method of evaluating effectiveness in public relations and as a cumulative assignment that demonstrates mastery of various course learning objectives.

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