Presentation for Medicare for All Proposal Change


Create a presentation to sell final proposal for Medicare for All change. This presentation should be in a format you could stand before an advisory board or the appropriate branch of government and use to lobby for the change in policy. Use Bardach’s Eightfold Path to ensure you are not missing any information. Include a brief overview of all sections: 1. Overview of Policy 2. Background of policy 3. Identification of stakeholders with an impact on the policy 4. Identification of stakeholders impacted by the policy 5. Effectiveness of current policy 6. Efficiency of policy 7. Efficacy and equity of policy 8. Evidence from research to support change 9. National Benchmarks that support change 10. Funding sources to support change 11. Proposal of change 12. Steps to implement change Submission Method: Powerpoint/Google Slides

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