Prevalence of Pot & Dangers of Vaping Assignments Get Homework Help

With the advanced continued acceptance of marijuana for medicinal uses in some states (such as neighbors Delaware, New Jersey & New York) and the out-and-out legalization of the product in states like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, discuss the pros and cons of such a movement and how it may apply to your teaching in a health class in a middle/high school environment.  (Might be good to seek out what schools are doing or plan to do with this subject in your area.) In November 2016, nine states (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Mass, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota) had marijuana legalization of some kind on the ballot.  In November 2018, four states (Michigan, Missouri, Utah and North Dakota again) had marijuana legalization of some kind on the ballot. Look at the article from on the brightspace page to use as a starting point. In addition, discuss the increased incidence of vaping and the complications it brings to this issue. As of today, more than half the country has laws that either allow medicinal and/or legalized marijuana.  Here’s what is on the docket for 2020-

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