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Working individually, your task is to write a short literature review on the ADDIE instructional design approach. The goal is for you tell the story of the ADDIE approach.

  1. Follow APA for both in text citations and the references
  2. Once you have completed the writing, please upload the document on the VLE for assignment number one available in week
  3. Remember to follow good nomenclature and name the file following this template Your name_assignment #
  4. Note: please review the rubric for full details for scoring the



  1. Gather literature from Google Scholar on the ADDIE model
  2. Read through the 2 assigned books with the chapters that relate to the ADDIE model
  3. Locate other web resources that you might use as part of your literature review.
  4. Watch instructor generated video on best practices when creating a literature review available at
  5. Develop a literature review that includes at least scholarly 10 resources, appendences page not included in the page count. Other web resources and not journal articles do not count towards this
  6. Include studies that demonstrate the success or failure of the ADDIE model
  7. Compare the ADDIE model to the Kemp model with no more than 1 -2 pages of the literature



  1. To explore an instructional design approach.
  2. To creatively tell the story of an approach that we did not cover at length in
  3. To compare instructional design approaches. To survey the literature over the last decade in relevant journals on your pre-approved topic.


  1. To assess the nature of the research in the area you have
  2. To determine the role that the central concepts of related to your topic plays in your study.
  3. To demonstrate your ability to synthesize, organize, and present the literature on your topic in a manner that connects with the




–     K1,S1, S3,AR1 ,SD1




A4 Grading Rubric

Principles of Instructional Design – CISD 610


Breakdown Value
Title Page:

Final report includes a formal title page with the following identifying information: Your name                                                                                 University

Course name                                    Course #

Date                                                  Title


if not


Articles 10 minimum met 10
Theme is Well organized, demonstrates logical sequencing and structure. 10
Detailed conclusions are reached from the evidence offered in the literature 10
References cited properly and in APA format. 10
There are minimal grammatical issues 10
History and Story of the ADDIE model evident 10
Introduction into the topic is relevant 10
Peer reviewed articles are evident in thee citations and within the text 10
Learners thoughts are apparent 10
Well organized easy to read 10
The results section has a thorough comparison and contrast of findings that are provided in the articles and relate to the main discussion 10
Focus is on research findings rather than research methods. 10
Study limitations that might have led to different findings are discussed 10
Total 130 points

(40% of total course graade

* Please familiarize yourself with the rules of academic honesty.

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