Principles of Oral Communication

Sample Dialogue Presentation Notes
Single-spaced less than 1 page (+References), Double-spaced less than 2 pages (+References)

Student Name:

Course Name and Section:
Instructor Name:
Assignment: Dialogue Presentation

Submission Date:

Introduction (less than 30 seconds)
I. What is the topic of the presentation:

II. Summary of the topic & your position – consider including common counter-arguments here:

– Preview main points here as well
Body (about 2 -2 ½ minutes)
I. Common ground and areas of agreement with opposing side: innocent not be in prison, guilty not be free because of money.
II. Area of disagreement or how moving beyond common arguments of opposing side: capping lawyer fees ≠solution
III. My position on the topic: More awareness/support legal aid, other affordable legal resources. (supported by a minimum of 3 sources)

A. Reason and evidence supporting my position:

Hadfield Prof. of law and econ. (2010, March 12) The Washington Post: 30-40% in U.S. / legal problem do nothing/cost.

B. Reason and evidence supporting my position:

Glover, lawyer advisor (2017, March 17), Lawyerist: “The best-case scenario is they get paid for exactly the hours they worked. The worst-case scenario is that they work more than 50 hours and do not get paid for all that time” (para. 4).

C. Reason and evidence supporting my position: building awareness/resources.

1. Criminology Profs, Hartley, Miller, and Spohn (2010): private versus public lawyers =minimal difference in legal advice quality.
2. Free legal aid offices. American Bar Association (2017): legal offices = cheaper lawyer fees.

Conclusion (less than 30 seconds)

I. Acknowledge common ground and good intentions of peer: good points about the potential cost
II. Reinforce own position: increase awareness and support for free and affordable options.


American Bar Association. (2017). Affordable legal services. Retrieved from
Glover, S. (2017, March 17). Why capping hourly fees is usually a bad idea. Lawyerist.
Hadfield, G. (2010, March 12). Making legal aid more accessible and affordable. The Washington Post.
Hartley, R. D., Miller, H. V., & Spohn, C. (2010). Do you get what you pay for?: Type of counsel and its effect on criminal court outcomes. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38(5), 1063-1070.

Required notes were taken during the in-class position statements from group members on the back

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