I would like to discuss with my essay about production-market-consumption that Tania Li presents in her book Land’s End (2014). I will detail more about how the Highlanders adopted and developed the market system. I will also approach how Tania Murray Li attempts in some way to prevent the Highlanders, a society without capitalism, from falling into the same consequences and problems of a society immersed in this system. In order to prevent the Highlanders from becoming the market model as the only way to survive and achieve the desired improvements. Thus, Li states at the beginning of her book that the Highlanders knew the market system well, but they did not accept it pleasantly because they had access to land. I will then examine how it was almost inevitably the Highlanders themselves who saw the market system as their only source of ‘progress’ and found no other way out—consequently, a transformation of their freedom into a possession. References • Ellen Meiksins Wood. (2017). The Origin of Capitalism a Longer View. London: Verso. • Néstor Kohan. (2009). Diccionario básico de categorías marxistas. February 18, 2013, de Nodo50 Website: • Tania Murray Li. (2014). Land’s End. United States of America: Duke University Press.

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