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Write an essay that describes how you, as an adult educator in New Zealand, can effectively meet the challenging nature of the training environment?  To demonstrate your understanding of:   1. A range of Maori (NZ Indigenous People) perspectives, and historical and political influences, the inform adult teaching and learning in New Zealand. 2. Use teaching theories framing Aotearoa New Zealand’s approach to adult teaching. 3. A learner-centred approach to learning in the knowledge economy. 4. Maori and Pasifika (Pacific Island People) models and the impact these have on the design of your programme. 5. Practices and policies that promote inclusive, ethical and professional relationships. 5. New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission that you use to support the literacy and numeracy skills of your learners. 6. Inclusive, ethical and professional relationships that support tertiary teaching in New Zealand. Some resources to help:

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