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  1. Research four or more unit testing tools. (
  2. Compare and contrast features of each tool.  This means to list how the tools are similar, and how they are different.
  3. Identify 5 or more criteria to evaluate the tools on, and research how each performs against the criteria. The following might be areas of consideration: open source, cost, captures test cases/scripts, ease of use, automatically executes test cases/scripts, language it is developed in, technical support available, kept updated, security requirements, reporting/metrics, etc.
  4. Rank the products from best/highest to worst/lowest.
  5. Which would you use for your own unit testing and why?
  6. Document your findings in a table or matrix format (tools across the columns, criteria down the rows).

What I want for this assignment is a matrix that answers items 3 and 4, and two or more paragraphs that answers points 2 and 5.



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