project management stakeholders

How can the stakeholders change over the course of a project? Give examples of changes in who the stakeholders are, and also in how their interests or influence over the project might change throughout the term of the project. AGREE OR DISAGREE?

The project management team must develop alignment among the major stakeholders—those who have a share or interest—on the project during the early phases or definition phases of the project (Wyatt, 2018). The interest level of the stockholder can change over time because of the relationship with other stakeholders and how they view the success of the project. The interest level of stakeholders can affect the project outcome in a negative or positive way. Stockholders can go from optimistic to lack of interest when self-interest is not met by peers or conflict arises later on in the project.

Loss of self-interest can be a result of lack of peer support within the project between stockholders. If this happens the stockholders behavior might change or the stockholder might begin making negative comments about the project because of lack of peer support. Another reason stockholders may lose interest in the project is from a conflict arising which can affect others interest later in the project. When this happens, influence of the stockholder needs to be identified because their expectations will influence the expectations of others in the project. If the expectations between stockholders are not articulated and mediated between stockholders, this could cause the project to fail

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