Project Planning and Requirements Modeling Analysis


1.       Choose two software development methodologies (waterfall, spiral, different types of agile) and analyze their effects on the SDLC for software-intensive systems. 2.       Identify key characteristics and conduct a brief SWOT analysis, supported with academic literature. Refer to the SWOT Analysis media piece linked in Resources to help you complete this. 3.       Analyze the content of SDLCs based on each of the two software development methodologies. 4.       Identify critical differences among the methodologies that contribute criteria for the selection of the best-fit software development methodology for your organization’s needs. 5.       Assess the tools used and the decisions made in software system project planning to help ensure successful projects that align with organizational goals. 6.       Analyze the relationship between organizational strategic planning and system acquisition planning, including the key players and roles. 7.       Determine who should be involved in system planning and when they should be involved; support this with a rationale. 8.       Analyze the characteristics needed of team members for system development or acquisition and balance it with the available workforce resources. 9.       Evaluate criteria for choosing in-house implementation, hiring specialized consulting teams, and/or selecting complete outsourcing teams.

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