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Proposal Paper APA 7th edition  5 pages excluding cover page and reference page Please use intext citation if needed Problem: Risk of losing your job because of social media Proposed solution: To make sure HR update policy yearly if needed and have a yearly training so employees are reminded of policy. (solution should not be something that HR is already doing or if it’s something that is already being done what can be added to that) I have attached an annotated bibliography of what references I would like to use but if you have other suggestions please let me know. Criteria: Purpose Development of Ideas Content Grmmar and Scholarly composition Proposal Outline I.                 Introduction A.               Set-up of the situation B.               Define specifically the problem to be addressed C.               Thesis statement II.               Body A.               What’s currently being done? 1.               X is being done and working 2.               X is also being done and working (continue with however many things are being done) B.               What is the major obstacle? What is NOT being addressed? 1.               X is the problem (or not being addressed) 2.               X is also not being addressed (continue with however many things are not being done) C.               What is your idea/proposal? 1.               Detail 1 2.               Detail 2 (continue with however many details you have for your idea) D.               Who & What would it take to put your ideas into action? 1.               Detail 1 2.               Detail 2 3.               Detail 3 (continue with however many details you have) E.               Why would your idea work? What would the benefits be? 1.               Explanation 1  2.               Explanation 2 (continue with however many more explanations you have) F.                Address any potential problems and ways to deal with them.           1.               Issue 1 2.               Issue 2 3.               Issue 3 (add however many issues there are) 4.               Solution 1 5.               Solution 2        6.               Solution 3 (make sure there’s a potential solution for each issue named above) III.              Conclusion A.               Restate the problem, your solutions and include why this needs to be done as part of your final thought.

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