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This is for a Master’s level Evaluation and Assessment course. (Counseling/Psychology) but technically our statistics course. So there should be statistical data to prove validity and reliability among other things. Attached is Instrument Review Alqudah. This is the paper I have already started. I would like to keep what I have in there somehow. I pasted some of the directions in the actual essay which need to be deleted. I left them there for reference. Basically we’re comparing and contrasting 2 vocational assessments. The Strong Interest Inventory and the MBTI. If you would like to use Holland’s Self-Directed Search as a second instead of the MBTI please let me know. I do need the Strong Interest Inventory to be one of them though. The other 2 documents include the actual instructions document and a sample paper my professor has provided. Please follow both guidelines. Additionally I have attached some short powerpoints from the course based on reliability and validity. (2 of the subsections of paper). Everything should be in APA format with around 5 total sources. The main source needs to be this: Whiston, S. C. (2017). Principles and applications of assessment in counselibcqng (5th ed.). Boston: Cengage.

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