Psychology Research Repor

As a first step in your Psychology Research Report, choose a topic that you find interesting. In a field this broad, it leaves many options. You might find it helpful to review the topics covered in your text (even the modules not yet covered).

Here are a few ideas that you might consider:

Therapy for Depression
Mid-life Crisis
Effects of violent TV on Children
Suicidal Behaviors
Death and Dying
Child Abuse
Effects of Noise on Hearing
Attachment in Infants
Drug Use Motivation
Test Anxiety
Development of Self-esteem
Acquisition of Morality
Music Therapy
Psychological Aspects of Pain
Violence and Aggression
Sex-role typing
Stages of Sleep
Behavior Problems of Children
Bipolar Disorder
Stress Management
Dance or Music Therapy
1. Once you have selected a topic, write 1 paragraph using proper spelling/grammar that states what your topic is and why you selected it.(150words)

2. As a way to document the research, create an annotated bibliography for the topic of your Psychology Research Report. Your annotated bibliography must include 3 different sources. These sources can include journals, periodicals, books, credible Internet articles (e.g. .org, .gov, or .net), etc. For each of the 3 sources that you research, you will need to cite the bibliographic information in APA format followed by a summary, assessment, and a reflection. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar.(300words)

3. Using your annotated bibliography and references as a guide, write a rough draft of your Psychology Research Paper. Your paper must be 3 pages in length, not including a title page and reference page. The paper must not only describe current trends within your topic area, but you should demonstrate how your topic relates to the broad field of psychology. It should contain a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 3 different sources. Include both in-text citations and a References page in APA format.(900words)

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