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WATCH/READ THIS PLEASE READ ALL ATTACHED SLIDES AND PDF’s ANSWER / RESPOND: First read and watch the videos and write a short 100 word response assignment to ALL 4 Questions. So approximately 200 words total Question #1: Early city planning accomplishments. Name one person and/or movement that inspires you in the subject line. What are some of the great accomplishments of early city planning? Reflect on the people and movements discussed in the LeGates & Stout (2009) reading. Which one discussed in this reading most inspire you? Question #2: What is placemaking? Name one successful place in the subject line Please first read and reflect on the excerpt in the City Reader (LeGates & Stout, 2015, pp. 558-562) from What is place-making? What are a few key principles of place-making? Name and discuss one example of a successful place using these principles. THEN I will provide you 2 of my fellow classmates responses FOR each question on a separate word documents and I need to create a 50-100 response for each of them from the “I” perspective please. So 4 responses TOTAL FOR MY CLASSMATE COMMENTS.

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