read the story ” story in an hour. and answer it.

Kate Chopin biography:

Read it here:

What symbols are in the story?

Is the title of the story fitting? Why?

Do you like the characters of the story?

What is the role of women in the story?

How did you react to the ending of the story?
Where you surprised? Why or why not?

answer should be short and sweet also 100% plagiarism free.and you should follow those rules

Post in a timely manner (deadlines for posting will be announced with each assignment0
Post substantive comments, including at least one response to the other posts.
Do not post too frequently—too many comments like “I agree” or “good point” congest the discussion board. Make sure you have thought about your post before posting it.
Do not always be the first to post or the last to post. Spread the timing of your posts around.
Maintain a collegial tone appropriate for academic discourse, and never resort to insults, slurs, inappropriate language.
Verify facts. Do not post information without making sure it is accurate. IF you cannot remember a detail, rather than writing, “I can’t remember the name of the author,” look it up, then post.
Give source formal bibliographic citation isn’t necessary, but a simple “according to Lunsford’s Reclaiming Rhetorica” will suffice.
For some guidelines on “Netiquette” you can see the following website:



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