Recast the two selected financial statements and present the statements

Below is the Daimler Benz (MB)’s 2019 Annual Report prepared under IFRS:
Daimler 2019 Annual Report (Links to an external site.)
Pick any two of the financial statements: the consolidated balance sheet (statement of financial position), the consolidated income statement (statement of income or statement of comprehensive income), or the statement of cash flows for MB.

Recast the two selected financial statements and present the statements following/in accordance with the US GAAP, presentation-wise, as accurately as you can (you do not need to restate any of the results for MB in this process — just work with the results as presented).

The recasted financial statements should be an Exhibit or Appendix to your paper.

Describe in an appropriate level of detail the differences that resulted when you recasted your chosen financial statements from the IFRS to US GAAP, supported with references from the readings in this module or outside references, where appropriate.

Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability, and Management Efficiency Ratios/Measures. You will have a total of eight ratios using the financial statements included in the Annual Reports for each of these two firms. It would be best to prepare two years of ratio results for each company. Include the basis of your calculations in an Excel file with separate labeled tabs (one labeled MB and the other labeled Ford) attached as part of your initial response. Then attach the final ratios you calculated for each company, side-by-side, into your initial posting response.

For each ratio you have chosen and calculated, compare and contrast the

results between these two firms. Most importantly, comment on how the

differences in the basis of preparation of the respective financial

statements, including the related accounting rules followed by each

company, might impact the comparison of those ratios between these two

firms. Hint: you will need to review the Footnotes to the Financial

Statements and the Summary of Significant Accounting Policies for both

MB and Ford to identify potential differences in the accounting

standards used by both companies.

Reference: (2019). Daimler 2019 Annual Report.…

United States Securities and Exchange Commission. (2019). Ford Motor Company 2019 Annual Report.… (2019). Daimler 2019 Annual Report.…


Write a paper of 3-4 pages double-spaced in length, not counting the title and the reference page(s) and the Exhibit(s) or Appendices, which you must include as an Exhibit or Appendix to your paper. Submissions in excess of 4 pages are acceptable.
Use terms, evidence, and concepts from the Module interactive lecture and readings, including professional business language.
Cite at least 3 credible, academic or professional sources for this assignment. The CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a great place to find resources.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
Attached is the last paper a tutor (that wasnt you) submitted… feel free to use any of it as long as the rest of the paper meets the requirments above


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