Refer to your textbook for further clarification of “scholarly” sources.

when you choose the topic could you please let me know what is it

Persuasive Multi-Disciplinary Essay: Students will compose an argumentative essay of 6 to 8 full pages, not counting the Works Cited page.

The student will choose a topic that has not become redundant. In other words, the topic must be current, debatable, and it is possible to constructively contribute to the discussion within the scope of this assignment.

The following topics will not be accepted: abortion; religion; legal matters regarding tobacco/smoking, alcohol, marijuana, driving age; health dangers of smoking, obesity, etc.; whether or not student athletes/musicians/etc should be paid.
*A significant penalty may be applied if the student did not submit an appropriate topic proposal earlier in the term as assigned.*
The thesis should be clearly defined with a clear thesis statement and be supported by multiple and varied perspectives to be defined in the range of 5 to 8 credible, scholarly sources.

These should be library resources located and selected with their appropriateness and authoritativeness in mind rather than readings from the course textbook. The sources should include, but not be limited to, at least one book or journal article, along with ·a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed periodical articles.
Refer to your textbook for further clarification of “scholarly” sources.
Reference materials (dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac) may be used but will not count as one of the required sources.
These sources must not overwhelm the student’s own writing; however, each unique source must be cited in-text using MLA parenthetical citations and on a Works Cited page at least once.
Students will be penalized for overreliance on sources through summaries, direct quotations, paraphrases, etc. Depending on the extent, the instructor may choose to require the student to revise and/or may apply a penalty.
In the interest of considering diverse points of view on cultural issues, the essay should address opposing points of view in the text. In addition to supporting his/her own argument, the student is required to present a well- developed analysis of an opposing viewpoint and provide an appropriate rebuttal.
Additional information will be provided in the Blackboard course module and in class as needed.
Students will use MLA format and be assessed for content, mechanics, and adherence to the assignment requirements that will be provided.
The Plagiarism/Academic Integrity Code is in effect.

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