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I need a Reflection paper for my class Sunday APA 7th Edition Insrtuctions Write a three page. Paper reflecting on your experience in this course 103A introduction to. College writing on your experience in this course. In your paper respond to the following questions. Question 1. What is your current Academic program major at CCU, and Why did you select it? my major is Biblical Studies/ sociology – Associate of Arts. It is requirement to get a job as an Child/family and school social worker Question. 2. What from this course will you take into your next Course? How to be consistent im my studies, not during homework at last minute. Writing with clarity, drafting before writing an academic paper assignment, proofreading all assignments before turning in paper. Question 3. When you consider your current Occupation (or a future career goal) how might writing factor into the Job Duties? Career Goal. Is Child, Family School social worker. Rubic information Introduction good hook engage reader, focus his or her attention on what is to follow clear connection to prompt conclusion examine implications of thesis give readers a substantial closure or summary. Thesis Identify tooic Cite annotation of teacher from previous paper you wrote. The paper I wrote was: High Blood Pressure Medication Makes Your Hair Fall Out Instructors name Sarah Oaklief. (Cite) she said in correcting my paper in three different places I don’t how to send it to show what she wrote. Its in my blackboard setting, let me type it: One of the paragraphs must incorporate a scripture from Colorado University Blackboard, Biblical Perspective, Hebrew 6:10-12 NIV. And Proverbs 10:4 Reference The Holy Bible, New International, Version. NIV Copy write 1973,1978,1964, 2011 by Biblica, inc.

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