Reflection Reading Robert regretfully gave up his dream of becoming a heart surgeon to become the family doctor in his small hometown. Robert initially stayed on to support his father after his mother’s sudden death. He ended up staying and has helped many other families with quality medical care. Many years passed and Saul, Robert’s brother, began working for him as his accountant and business manager. While organizing his brother’s papers, Saul recognized what appeared to be Medicaid fraud. When he approached Robert about a discrepancy, Robert brushed it off as a simple mistake. However, Saul knew about more than one discrepancy; in fact, there were several adding up to over $75,000. Reflection Questions: Robert could go to jail for Medicaid fraud. If Saul reports Robert, his own brother, how could that affect the family? If Saul does not report the discrepancies and Medicaid investigates his brother, Saul could lose his license and face charges. How should Saul approach the situation? Have you ever been in a situation in which you faced an ethical dilemma involving a family member or friend? Describe the situation and how you handled it. Do you think you would handle it differently now after reading Chapter 6? Why/Why not? Reflection should be 1 page. *I am the only one reading these papers and I do not discuss any sensitive situations with anyone else, fell free to discuss the challenging ethical issue you have faced. It is interesting how different a situation appears to you when you put it in writing.

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