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Project Title: Reflective Essay 5 Deadline: 2hrs Job Type: Sociology Number Of Pages: 3     Double-spaced (675 words) Number Of Sources: 0 Type of Document: Admission Services-Admission Essay Academic Level: College/University Citation Style: Unknown Description: This chapter discusses the social determinants of public health issues (epidemiology). Please read these 3 articles and 3 videos and provide a 3 page analysis (3 pages total) of the content and your personal reflection of the material presented. Can you relate to the situations? How can you evaluate yourself and your “life course?”  Please make sure you have read chapter 19 before attempting the homework. I will be looking for connection with the chapter reading in your essay.   1.  blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/09/02/  americas-growing-food-  inequality-problem/   2.  recipes/what-i-learned-after-  taking-a-homeless-mother-  grocery-shopping/?cmp=elp%  7Cnone%7Cnatural%7Cyahoo-  shine%7C2014-10- 14%7C%7Cstay-  at-home-parent-luxury   3.   4. video:   5. video:   6. video:

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