Reflective paper


Final. Take home. Each student shall write a 5 page paper in which they critically interact with the following questions: – 1. In Bible, What were the three most valuable lessons you learned in old testament? (Part 1: The Basis, Task and Method of the course (2 classes) Part 2: The Biblical Pre History (Gen 1-11) (1 class) Part 3: The Patriarchal Age (Gen 12-50) (2 classes) Part 4: The Formation of the Nation (Exodus, Lev, Numbers, Deuteronomy) (2 classes) Part 5: The Establshment of the Nation in the land of Canaan (Joshua, Judges) (1 class) Part 6: The Formation of the Monarchy (1 and 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-11, Psalms) (2 classes) Part 7: The Divided Kingdom (1Kings 12-2 Kings 25, Proverbs) (1 class) Part 8: Judah Alone (Isaiah, Jeremiah) Part 9: The Exile (Ezekiel, Daniel?) Part 10: The Return From Exile (Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther)) 2. Why were they the most valuable? 3. How have they affected your character and leadership style? 4. How will they influence your future life?

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