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You are translating my Peer-reviewed article written for academics, into the format of a regular news article written for the general public. You will quote and paraphrase the peer-reviewed article but write and Structure it in a way that would make sense to, and appeal to a non-academic person.

The news article you will create should really look like and sound like a news article that would appear online or in print format. Try to mirror exactly how a news article would appear in a real situation. So, it can have images.

Also, it should be equivalent to 2-3 pages

Here is the peer-reviewed article:

For Joseph Marks, he does an excellent job when producing his article on cybersecurity. The title of the article is “The Cybersecurity 202: This is the biggest problem with cybersecurity research” (Marks). To grab the attention of his audience, Marks uses few words in his title as well as power words related to his topic of discussion. By using the phrase, “biggest problem” Marks grabs the attention of the audience, and this is a strategy I would use in my article (Marks). By reading the first sentence, it comes in the form of a rhetorical question, and this appeals to the common questions his audience may have in mind especially entrepreneurs who want to know how to protect their businesses from hacking. Marks organizes his information in a logical and easy to read format and from that, we can conclude that he took time to get the facts right to ensure they flow seamlessly. The format of the article is carefully crafted. First, there is the title placed at the top of the article, and it has a large font and bolded so that it is easy to spot. The name of the author appears just at the bottom of the title, and it is colored blue different from the color black used in other texts. The name of the publishing organization appears at the very top of the article above the title, and it appears in a different font, the old English text and also it is colored white. To make the article appear formal, the color used in the background is white. There is also the use of photos to make the article attractive because it is appealing to the eye.

The author of the article uses an intelligent voice to deliver his message to his audience. Marks uses an intelligent voice to show that he is control of the article and so this draws the attention of his audiences to his intelligence on the topic on cybersecurity. The author is active in his voice, and he does this through the use of the third-person voice. Using third-person voice neutralizes any biases that the reader may have when reading the article, especially about the author. Using the third person voice also makes it easy for the author to show that he is well informed on the topic, and so the readers should take his advice from a person who has done his homework.

The journalist Marks takes pride in referencing to his sources of information. For instance, after the first sentence in the article, Marks introduces an academic Tyler Moore, who is well equipped with knowledge on cybersecurity. Marks uses several quotes from Tyler Moore and he uses the words “Tyler Moore tells me” more often to show his audience that he is extracting his information from an expert on the topic (Marks). Throughout the article, Marks gives credit to Tyler as the critical source of his research. Through a first-hand account, Marks incorporates the facts from Tyler’s research project to provide evidence in his article. Marks also uses research studies from other organizations to back up his thesis on how cybersecurity should be given top priority. Using hyperlinks to research studies Marks makes it easy for his audience to counter check facts if they need further information. To give credit to the authors of the photos, Marks uses parenthesis to cite to show the source name. For instance, the photo of a person using a laptop is retrieved from iStock because a reader can easily see because it is just at the bottom of the photo. Overall the author has used different strategies to make his article more appealing to his audience, and indeed he has succeeded.

And here is the link for the news article:

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