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Healing for Damaged Emotions, Author David A. Seamonds.

NO Plagiarism, Cite and Reference work.

Learning Activity #2: Week Five Journal

  • Read Chapters 1 and 12 of your Seamands textbook
  • Write this week’s one-page journal entry to share your own experiences with illness and recovery, be they conditions you personally have experienced or the experiences of others you are familiar with. Please include the following in your entry:
  • Seamand’s emphasis on “infirmities.”
  • The work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Biblical truths, principles, and concepts that you have seen at work in the healing experience.
  • Provide one academic resource.

Learning Activity #5: PS4030 Capstone Project

Textbooks Used for Course are as follows:


TOXIC FAITH..Experiencing Healing from Painful Spiritual Abuse: Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton.

Your Personality and the Spiritual Life: Understanding who you are can deepen your relationship with God: Reginald Johnson

  • Use all textbooks from this course and previous courses; also use other sources such as websites you have found and discussed throughout the program to support writing your capstone project.
  • Write a 4-5 page paper that provides a Christian counseling perspective for support and healing. Include the following components.
  • A biblically based portrayal of Christian counseling.
  • A representation of current Christian and secular theories that supports counseling methods.
  • How to address specific problem areas from both a Christian and secular perspective, such as fear, perfectionism, guilt, depression, and low self-esteem.
  • Your perspective as to whom we can apply, when we can apply, and how we can apply a spiritual approach to those who are ill and in recovery.
  • Provide at least five academic resources outside of the Bible.
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