Resdponse to a letter

In this assignment, you will have to play the role of “Addie” and provide advice (to the letter writer) that showcases your understanding of the course material in 800 words or less. Please see the rubric for evaluating your Dear Addie response.

These are the dimensions upon which your “Dear Addie” response will be evaluated.
4 Milestones
3 2 Benchmark
Control of Syntax and Mechanics Uses graceful language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency, and is virtually error-free. Uses straightforward language that generally conveys meaning to readers. There are few errors. Uses language that generally conveys meaning to readers with clarity, although writing may include some errors. Uses language that sometimes impedes meaning because of errors in usage.
Sources and Evidence Demonstrates skillful use of course material to develop ideas Demonstrates consistent use of course material to support ideas Demonstrates an attempt to use course material to support ideas  of the problem. Solution/hypotheses are sensitive to contextual factors as well as all of the following: ethical, logical, and cultural dimensions of the problem. Proposes one or more solutions/hypotheses that indicates comprehension of the problem. Solutions/hypotheses are sensitive to contextual factors as well as the one of the following: ethical, logical, or cultural dimensions of the problem. Proposes one solution/hypothesis that is “off the shelf” rather than individually designed to address the specific contextual factors of the problem. Proposes a solution/hypothesis that is difficult to evaluate because it is vague or only indirectly addresses the problem statement.

Here is the letter:
Dear Addie,
I’m one member of a highly-visible 4-person team in my organization, and we are seeking a fifth member to help us. Our growing organization prides itself on being “a family,” and so, it is important to me that we choose our fifth member without getting into politics. But because we are a “family”, it’s easy to select members who we “like” over those who are best suited for the role. In fact, one of the existing members has already planted the seed that his niece should join us. I’m not opposed to it but I believe a more defensible process should be set in place. I can’t imagine what reason I’d invent to justify selecting someone’s niece! Can you help me sort through two related issues that I can’t seem to fathom? Outside of my workplace, my friends have tried to minimize my angst by sharing the opinion that office politics will always be there; and this raises the question, “Why bother trying to fight it?” If politicking is going to be around no matter what I do, then am I wasting my time thinking about this? Second, if I get support for standardizing the hiring process (to eliminate politicking behaviors), then I’d like to know your top three tips for selecting team members.
-Putting the “Aye Yai Yai” in Team




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