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Assignment 9.1 – Research/Critical Thinking/Short Essay

1.  Explain in detail why software development maintenance related costs could reach upward of 75% of the total software workload.

2.  Identify and discuss the considerations that go into the decision to scrap, maintain, re-engineer or replace a software development application.

3.  Identify and discuss the evolutionary phases that a software application might go through over time. Describe the challenges that may result if the development team used a waterfall approach and the maintenance team uses an agile approach, or vice versa.

Requirement: 350 Words

Deadline: 1 day.

Assignment 9.2 – Weekly Discussion Forum Posts

o  What does cloud computing mean to you?

o  What are some possible maintenance and support related implications of cloud computing, in the context of software development, or otherwise?

Requirement: 150 Words

Deadline: 8 Hours.

Assignment 9.3 – Week Nine Exercises

1.  Explain why it is necessary to software to change to avoid obsolescence.

2.  Explain the differences between software engineering and refactoring.

Requirement : Two Pages


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