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Paper Format: 90% You will be researching a disease or disorder of your choosing. I advise you to choose a topic that is close to your heart as being emotionally invested will drive you to understand the topic better Use Word: The format must be 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, and minimal spacing elements. Single spaced. At least 1000 words (2 pages) but not to exceed 3 pages. The paper must include these topics 1-12 Epidemiology: What populations suffer most from this disease? Are there any risk factors for this disease? Eg. age, gender, behavior, exposure to certain things, diet, lifestyle, “bad habits” etc. Where do you have most of this disease occurring? What parts of the world or what parts of the United States? Are the rates of people with this disease/disorder rising, falling or staying about the same? Does socioeconomic conditions show a disparity with regards to which populations who have this disease? Any other significant or pertinent information you want to discuss, add it in. Development/Onset of Disease How do you get it? Is it genetically inherited? Is it due to lifestyle behavior? Can it be caused from an infection with a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite? If it is genetic, please give information on the gene and the function of its protein. If it is infectious, give information on the microbe and how it is transmitted. If it is from other means, please describe here. Physiology Explain how the disease affects the body. You should address what it does on a cellular/molecular level as well as on an organ/organ system level. Give a specific example of how the disease state is different than healthy state. How does this disease affect other organ systems? Describe the most prominent/common symptoms. Link at least one symptom to the physiology of the disease. How does the disease progress in the body? Does it worsen? Can it resolve on its own? What is the prognosis with someone with the disease you are researching. Describe at least one treatment available for the disease. Discuss the physiology of the treatment on a cellular/molecular level and on an organ/organ system level. Conclusion: Why did you choose to report on this particular disease? Any hopeful research or new treatments underway? You must cite the sources you used to get the information. This includes webpages & any books or magazines, including your text book. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE THE TEXT. THIS IS CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM & YOU WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT. *Also, if you use any clinical or technical terms “big words”, please explain them in the paper as well as to the class. If you don’t know what a word means, neither do any of us. ——————————————————————————————————————— 2. Presentation 10% You must prepare a 3 minute presentation (slide show/PPT/etc) on your disease. You can submit this two ways. In a recording (submit to me via canvas in video file OR give me a youtube link) or you can do a live Screen-share Zoom with the class on the last day we meet Thursday 12/10. I prefer the live Zoom presentation! Presentation format Strict 3 minute time limit!! Please do NOT fill your PPT slides with words and read them. This will result in a 0 for this portion of your grade. You should use your slides to illustrate the information in your paper with items such as: graphs, diagrams, flow charts, molecules, diagrams of molecules, an image of the disease/disorder on a person. You need to cite your images as well. Be creative! Any video clips used in the presentation shoubcqld not exceed 30 seconds.

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