Reserve powers clause


This is a 2000 word writing assignment. The title of your paper is going to be the name of whatever clause you picked. After the title, your paper MUST have the following headings in this order: I. Justification (this section should be about a page to two pages long and I want you to tell me why the founding fathers put whatever clause you choose into the constitution. Was it because of something the British were doing to us before independence? Was it because of a problem with the Articles of Confederation? Do research in your text and check out the Federalist Papers. Federalist papers were the justification and or reasoning..the WHY..behind why they did what they did. Why did our Founding Fathers put the electoral college into the U.S. Constitution?)) II. How Does it Serve the People (this section is the What! and should be two to three pages long. What does your clause do? How does it protect us or limit the government? Lets say you choose the Electoral College Clause…talk about how it works. How do states get electoral votes, what happens on election day, what happens if there’s a tie, has the constitution or modified this clause at all in the U.S. Constitution?) III. The Supreme Court (again two to three pages but now you’re going to talk about whether or not your clause has ever been challenged or modified in front of the Supreme Court. Whats the name of the case? What was the question before the court…this is important…? How did the Supreme Court rule on those questions? How did their ruling change the interpretation of your clause or the constitution? You may talk about multiple Supreme Court cases here but your discussion of these cases must be academic and complete. Simply mentioning a case or two will not get your full credit here.) IV. Closing Remarks (LESS than 1 page. If its more than 1 page I’m taking points off 🙁 If you’re taking about the electoral college, what are the implications of population shifts every 10 years, why is the Enumeration Clause important, in what other ways do states act independently of each other…and what are your thoughts on this clause? This last section is the ONLY section where I should see, “I think, I feel, I hope…” everything else in your paper should be academic research. Your paper will be turned in using SafeAssign and will be checked for plagiarism. You’ll get three submissions to check for plagiarism and make corrections to your paper and will be graded based on your final submission. You r paper is worth 100 points and is a LARGE chunk of your grade this semester. You must follow the format given with proper headings, your paper must be under 15% plagiarized

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