Rhetorical Analysis persuasive essay

For this Portfolio Project, you must compose a persuasive essay in the narrative essay genre.

Details: Write: Post to the discussion board and consider the following questions. It will be important for you to be descriptive and provide specific examples to back up the items you note.

Describe three writing strategies you think you might incorporate into your Portfolio Project.
Note how you will use the strategies in your Portfolio Project.
Pose a question about this weeks reading to the class and your instructor.

Composition I
Module 4: Choosing Strategies for Development: Getting your Ideas on Paper
The process of writing can be daunting for many students new to college; however, as with any complex job, the process does become easier to deal with when you have the right tools. In this module, we will discuss the various tools you might want to employ in your own writing as you develop your Critical Thinking Assignments and prepare to develop your Portfolio Project.

Learning Outcomes

Reflect upon and analyze past writing.
Analyze and critique a critical text.
Paraphrase in-text and assess a section of writing.
Develop correlations from one critical text to another.
Describe a writing strategy and identify ways to apply it to your own writing.
For Your Success & Readings
During this module, you will begin to work on developing your Portfolio Project in the Discussion Board forum. In addition to reading the module content, you will have a chance to discuss ways you might employ research and writing strategies in academic writing.

In preparation for the week, by Sunday, print off the Module 4 Preparations. This listing serves as a checklist for your day-to-day objectives and duties for the week.

ENG101 Module 4


Sections of Rhetoric and Composition: A Guide for the College Writer:
5 Advanced Topics
5.5 Rhetorical Analysis
Sections C5, C5-a, and C5-b in A Writer’s Reference.
The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute. (n.d.). Letter from Birmingham jail. http://okra.stanford.edu/transcription/document_images/undecided/630416-019.pdf
The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute. (1963). Letter from Birmingham jail – audio recording. http://okra.stanford.edu/transcription/audio/630416001.mp3


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