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Explain the role of concepts in research.  What is conceptualization? How does operationalization specify empirical procedures from measuring variables? Operationalize the following:  religious, success, grades, time, speed, and height. When we measure variables they MUST be mutually exclusive and exhaustive.  What does this mean? Discuss the measures used to insure reliability:  test/re-test; inter-rater; and, split-half method. What are the four types of validity?  Explain each type. List and describe the different measures of crime discussed in this chapter.  Describe the units of analysis in each crime measure. Compare and contrast UCR and NCVS with respect to the type of crime data they collect and how they collect it.  Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. What are self-reports?  List different types of crimes for which self-reports are appropriate. Discuss the validity and reliability of self-reports. How does the National Incident Based reporting system (NIBRS) compare to the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)?

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