Romantic Composers and Nationalism


What are some ways that nationalism is reflected in nineteenth-century music? Give some music examples. Below are some of the examples of Nationalist music. Select one video and find one interesting fact about the work presented. Share with the class. Why did you make that selection? 1. Modest Mussorgsky, opera “Boris Godunov,” Coronation scene: 2, Charles Ives, “Variations on America” (At the beginning, background of the work is given. Actual music starts around 1:40). 3, Manuel de Falla, ballet “Three-Cornered Hat” (Please watch the first five minutes): 4. Igor Stravinsky, ballet “Petrushka” 5. Antonin Dvorak, Slavonic Dance, Op. 72 no.2 6. Jean Sibelius, Finlandia, Op. 26

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