School Psychologist-Based Personality and Behavior Assessment Scenario (PL)

In this role, you will facilitate the evaluation of a student based on psychoeducational personality assessments, mental status exams, and observations of the student to make recommendations to the education team consisting of yourself, school counselors, and teachers who work with the student. Carefully review the PSY615: Week Three School Psychologist-Based Personality and Behavior Assessment Scenario (Links to an external site.).

In your initial post:

Examine the personality assessment instrument used in the scenario and research a peer-reviewed article in the Ashford University Library on this personality assessment.
Using the required articles as well as your researched article to support your statements, describe the standard use of this personality assessment.
Based on the scenario, evaluate the reliability, validity, and cultural considerations inherent to the personality assessment used and comment on the relevance of these elements within the scenario.
Analyze and describe some of the potential ethical issues which might arise from the use of this personality assessment in the given scenario.
Provide information from your research regarding the use of the personality measure, and assess the value of other possible instruments that could be added to create a more complete assessment of the student in the scenario.


Please be mindful that APA formatting was updated in 2020. Unfortunately, this course has not updated its references at this time. While these are often good for applying your own formatting, in this case. please be sure to use the writing center to check your reference and citation formatting:

For example—

How citations list articles have changed:

Old: (McSweeney, Frances, & Eric, 2014)

New: (McSweeney et al., 2014)

Also, we no longer use “Retrieved from” in the references.

Here is the WC link. Please be sure to review: (Links to an external site.)

KEY CHANGES!! (Also attached.)

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