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Need to work on the highlighted section of this assignment. It is a literature critique on evolutionary biology and ecology, as well as some research for a section. I only need help with the highlighted section (in yellow). (1.25 single spaced pages total) The first section (“section 1”) is a critique of the results and conclusions. I have already written something for this section, so you can use anything I wrote in the document if you’d like.  The second section (“section 2”) is a discussion about the intellectual merit (1) and the broader implications (2) of the study. This section is the one that has to be made from scratch and requires at least a couple of other literature sources to back up the claims.  Please stick to the page limits of 1/2 and 3/4 page shown in the assignment.  Documents attached:  – The actual assignment (Behavior Critique Assignment highlighted) – The research article (Lim_etal_2016_RSOS copy)  – An extra document outlining how the professor likes critiquing research papers (extra material for perspective) (How to analyze scientific papers)

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