Scrum approach to project management with conventional plan-based approaches to software programming Assignments Custom Assignments Help

3.7.Compare and contrast the Scrum approach to project management with conventional plan-based approaches, as discussed in Chapter 23. The comparisons should be based on the effectiveness of each approach for planning the allocation of people to projects, estimating the cost of projects, maintaining team cohesion, and managing changes in project team membership.

3.8. You are a software manager in a company that develops critical control software for aircraft. You are responsible for the development of a software design support system that supports the translation of software requirements to a formal software specification (discussed in Chapter 13). Comment on the advantages and disadvantages of the following development strategies:

a. Collect the requirements for such a system from software engineers and external stakeholders (such as the regulatory certification authority) and develop the system using a plan-driven approach.

b. Develop a prototype using a scripting language, such as Ruby or Python, evaluate this prototype with software engineers and other stakeholders, then review the system requirements. Redevelop the final system using Java.

c. Develop the system in Java using an agile approach with a user involved in the development team.




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