Sea Turtles vs. Texas Turtles Essay Sample

The Sea turtles are found in the South Padre Island Texas. The Sea turtles’ swims through the use of the custom-built prosthesis that enable them move swiftly in the water (Innis, Wolf & Suckling, 2019). The Texas turtles are found in South-Central Texas areas (Hibbitts & Hibbits, 2016). They comprise of dry land category of animals. Unlike the Sea turtles that live in water, Texas turtles live on dry land. This marks a profound difference between the two animals’ life capacities to live in different terrains. 

Both species are severely endangered animals (Valdivia & Hibbits, 2019). They face profound challenges in sustaining their survival capacity. The Sea turtles face enormous and big predators in the sea (Lovich et al., 2018). The Texas turtles biggest threat comprise being collected as pets. The human care or lack of it and mishandling puts them in existential danger. The Texas turtles lack the capacity to move first increasing their chances of being hit by a moving vehicle. 

The distinctive features of the Texas turtles comprise of their physical size which constitute of eight and half inches long (Hibbitts & Hibbits, 2016). They have yellow-orange accents on the plates of the upper shells. Also, they possess distinct elongated ulnar plate flopped and seen on the head just below the lower shell. 

On the hand, the Sea turtle is white in the bottom and has semi-piper flippers on their sides that enable them to be released back to the wild. Their shells are made of carbon fiber making them profoundly strong (Putman et al., 2019). 

Thus, the two animals are fantastically amazing but face profound survival challenges.


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