Second Amendment rights to guns


*Assignment: Create an Outline before writing Essay:  ( please see uploaded file for outline template) ESSAY QUESTIONS:  Using your sources, analyze the Second Amendment rights to guns: do they still apply today? Why or why not? If so, what limitations are adequate in order to prevent mass shootings from continuing? What measures are not needed? Why? THESIS STATEMENT: Contrary to the Second Amendment, gun control can prevent mass shootings. (THIS CAN BE CHANGED) REQUIREMENTS:  It must have at least five sources; at least two of those must be from the SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY COLLEGE library databases, and one of those must be a scholarly article. The essay must have an argumentative thesis at the end of the introduction; then, provide body paragraphs and a conclusion with the appropriate structure.    6 pages including Works Cited Page Entire essay must be M.L.A Format

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