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During development of software, faults and flaws are introduced either from the implementation or from the design of the software. During runtime, these faults and flaws can propagate into failures that can result in vulnerabilities. Failures and especially vulnerabilities increase the cost for the developers and require them to spend time on maintenance instead of new features. Many telecom developers rely on testing to reduce their maintenance cost and achieve software with high availability. Unfortunately, most of the testing is done to verify functionality and not to find vulnerabilities.

In order to ensure organizations and customers are secure, software developers must be able to create code that stands the test of time – only accomplished with proper techniques and a commitment to consistency throughout the development.

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the secure coding practices, which can be used to improve the security of a software. You are required to do some research and discuss in detail with examples, most common secure coding practices including the following

 Input validation

 Authentication and password management

 Session Management

 Access Control

 Error Handling and Logging

 Data Protection

 Communication Security

 System Configuration

 Database Security

 Memory Management

 Blackbox and Whitebox testing


The assignment should contain the following sections

1. Title Page

2. Table of contents

3. Introduction:

4. Main Body of the report

5. Conclusion

6. References

Submission Guidelines

 Please note the assignment will be checked for plagiarism, therefore please use appropriate referencing and rephrasing.

 This is an individual Assignment

 The assignment should not exceed 8-10 pages. The suggested size for the font is 12 for

the text and 14 for the headings. Use line spacing of 1.5.

 Submit the Assignment on blackboard in word/pdf format. Please Include the title page

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