Security Breaches in Internet of Things Presentation Assignments | Custom Homework Help

ensure professional touch is maintained in the slide  design.

to provide a wide knowledge and skills in the latest trends in networking and related field

• Cover page: 1 slide

• Introduction : 2 slides max

• Main concepts – This should be discussed in detail elaborating how the technology / protocol work. It should include the definition, operation, architecture with diagrams, how it emerged from old / available technology: 4 slides max

• How this topic impacts business and society – Assess the topic’s impact in networking domain in terms of its application and with highlights of advantages and disadvantages of this technology / protocol and how it can be applied to business and society: 4 slides max

• Recommendations – Prospects of the selected topic in future based on your research as well as your personal analysis : 2 slides

• Conclusion: 1 slide

• Bibliography – List all related articles, journals, books, and sites: 1 slide

Any reference to authors and other writers shall be quoted with due

acknowledgement in the presentation using Harvard Referencing System.


Use of animations/ videos 1 slide

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