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Refer to scenario for additional information.

You have been asked to make a presentation about the steps necessary to secure the back-end DB2 database within your organization. Address the following in the presentation:

  • Introduction regarding description and importance of security in depth
  • UNIX/LINUX server vulnerabilities
  • Hardening the UNIX/LINUX system
  • Deployment of a Web server to be used by Navy intelligence for checking on project progress
  • Apache and Internet information server (IIS)—research and explain how these options might be used for the secure Web server scenario

Prepare an 8–12-slide presentation to address these points. The presentation planned should last about half an hour. Include speaker notes in the presentation. Plan the presentation and speaker notes so that someone else could actually give the presentation.

Be sure to document your references using APA format.

Refer to the LINUX security tutorials at… and… for a more comprehensive look at LINUX security administration, and vulnerabilities.

The tutorial at provides a more detailed look at Internet information server (IIS)- security administration.

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