Self assessment letter


Because my teacher want us to grade ourselves i want B. This is an English writing class. *No sources needed* Some details: My essays were good. And I did good on all of them. My weakness was class discussions. Try to include that. I wasn’t giving enough feedback to my classmates what was wrong with their essay because I don’t like criticizing someones else work and I was trying to give only positive feedbacks. So im sure my teacher noticed that and I want you to play it out like ill try to do my best in the future. As an example how it should look like: At the beginning of the semester, I knew that my writing skills were not good enough to be called the “college” level. I did not feel confident enough to show my summary to my classmates. I had some fear of being ashamed of my writing skills, and I did not understand why I need to support my writing with outside sources. This semester I consistently worked hard to succeed in every assignment and stayed on top of my homework. I learned the importance of outside sources and the use of quotes to support the main idea. I earned an “B” grade in this class because I completed all the requirements, achieved the goals set in my IDP plan, and was able to learn how to properly structure my paper. letter should discuss a variety of topics using a variety of evidence in order to make an effective argument for final grade. Be as specific as possible. Format: 1. Date 2. Salutation 3. Opening 4. Multiple well developed paragraphs about what you learned and earned 5. Conclusion should have a statement about what grade you EARNED. 6. Closing If you are confused dont worry and ask questions.

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