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When you have completed reading this article select any two questions from 1-4 to answer. Question 5 is a required questions to be answered. This is a class discussion forum in which you must also respond to two other students postings. Please note that responses to other students must contain critical thinking and allow for discussion. Post such as “Great job” would not be considered acceptable.

1. Explain the hypothesis of this study.What are the researchers looking to find in conducting this study?

2. How was the research conducted? What methods were used?

3. Explain any biases or extraneous variables you found within this study.

4. Discuss the reliability and validity of the study.

5. Do you agree or disagree with the results of this study and explain your answer.

In this section you will answer any 2 questions from 1-4; question 5 is a required question which must be reponsed to. These responses relate to your reading of the Journal article: Personality Change Predicts Self-reported Mental and Physical Health. To support your responses, you may quote from the article or textbook, please remember to use your citations.


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