severe depression treatment and management

The physician informs a patient that she has an inflammation of the saliva-producing glands. This disorder is commonly known as _______________________________.
A patient diagnosed with angina pectoris is prescribed sublingual nitroglycerin as needed for chest pain. The doctor explains that _____________________ means the nitroglycerin tablet should be placed under the tongue.
An adolescent goes to the dentist for a 6-month check-up and cleaning. During the appointment, the dentist recommends she be examined by a specialist who straightens the teeth. This specialist is known as a(n) ________________________________.
Sarah M. goes to the clinic complaining of a burning sensation in the chest. The physician orders an endoscopy because he suspects the burning is of gastrointestinal origin. The endoscopy reveals inflammation of the stomach and esophagus, which is
commonly known as ___________________________.
A patient with a history of alcohol abuse arrives at the emergency department vomiting blood. The physician documents this finding as_____________________________.
While performing a colonoscopy, the physician notes a tumor that appears noncancerous. A noncancerous tumor is referred to as ___________________.
The physician orders a test to view the last section of the colon in a patient suspected of having colon cancer. This test is known as a(n) ______________________ .
Michael W. arrives at the clinic complaining of painful digestion, which he began experiencing after taking a new medication. This adverse reaction, known as __________________________, is reported to the physician so that he can have the patient discontinue the medication.
A patient with a history of alcohol abuse is admitted with shortness of breath. During the admission assessment, the physician palpates the patient’s abdomen and notes an enlarged liver. The term _____________________best describes an enlargement of the liver.
A 45-year-old obese patient arrives at the emergency department complaining of abdominal pain after eating fried food. Diagnostic testing reveals stones, or calculi, in the common bile duct. The emergency department doctor consults the surgeon and reports his finding, known as ___________________________________.
John J. comes to the doctor’s office with complaints of a 20-pound weight loss over the past 2 months and frequent indigestion. Computed tomography scanning reveals a tumor in the stomach. The doctor recommends a surgical procedure that removes a portion of the stomach, known as a(n) _________________________________.
A patient with a history of severe depression arrives at the hospital after ingesting the poison ethylene glycol. The syndrome that follows the ingestion of a poison is known as _____________________.

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