Short Fiction


Essay #3: Short Fiction The Assignment: CHOOSE ONE short story from our short fiction unit to analyze for essay #3: “The Lost Beautifulness” Yezierska “The Cariboo Café” Viramontes “The Rules of the Game” Tan Using the central ideas and focus associated with Feminist Literary Criticism and/or Marxist Literary Criticism, write an essay analyzing the characters, setting and theme of this story. Your essay should focus on some of the main ideas present in the text below: Power dynamics and struggles Male / Female interactions Marginalization Oppressed and Oppressor The Patriarchy The Bourgeoisie Female representation Social Class of characters and author etc., etc. Create a clear thesis and argument throughout your essay that analyzes the story using aspects of the theory you choose. Include literary terms where they relate i.e. narrator, characters, motifs, setting, plot, Use at least FIVE DIFFERENT examples from the story you are analyzing as support in your essay. Nuts and Bolts: At least 1500 words At least ONE scholarly source to support your argument: please use direct quotes, examples and details from these sources: NO Wikipedia, Shmoop, 123HelpMe, Enotes, PREZI etc. Stick to .edu websites and/or GWC Library Quotes, details and examples from the story you are analyzing to support your argument (you should reference at least five different quotes, scenes, examples, etc. from the story as support ALL elements of an essay should be evident: **consider your audience to be skeptical and uniformed readers; therefore, may I suggest a BREIF summary of the story you choose in the intro paragraph** hook/attention getter, thesis/main claim, support for your claim throughout the essay, analysis and reasoning as to why your argument is reasonable and probable, a conclusion that reinstates key points of your essay and discusses theme MLA format: double spaced, 12pt font, proper heading, works cited page—You will have TWO sources for this essay: the short story and your outside source, properly INTEGRATED quotes. I chose “The Rules of the Game” Tan I submitted my essay and my professor said that i have too many sources and she wants to hear my ideas in the text not the sources… so I need you to involve more critical thinking than sourcing ideas. I will attached the reading and the Feminist Literary Criticism and/or Marxist Literary Criticism reading.

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