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Small Group Reflection Paper Content Using the material discussed in Chapter 13 and in class, write a thoughtful APA reflective essay about your experience in small groups as it relates to what you learned from the reading. Textbook link: Directions: Write about what you are learning about small groups from Chapter 13 using terms and concepts (See Below). Add to your paper a section two types of roles people play from 3 of the categories (in total 6). Use this link to find the categories and roles people play: Apply examples from your last few weeks working in small groups to small group concepts/terms/roles. Conclude your essay with what you might do differently now that you know more about small group processes. USE the SAMPLE APA below to write your paper! Small Group Paper APA Sample Outline.docx Be sure to include information from each of the 3 sections: Chapter 13.1: Understanding Small Groups Small Group Structures Functions of Small Groups: Instrumental, Interpersonal and Identity Needs Types of Small Groups Task, Relational. Primary, Secondary, Virtual Advantages and Disadvantages Synergy, Social Loafing Chapter 13.2: Small Group Development Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning Chapter 13.3: Small Group Dynamics Group Climate Task Cohesion, Social Cohesion Qualities of a Positive Group Climate Participation, Messages, Feedback, Equity, Clear and Accepted Rules, Motivation Symbolic Convergence Fantasies Group Members Group Socialization, Group Pressures, Conformity, Groupthink Group Conflict Procedural , Substantive , Interpersonal , Primary and Secondary Tensions, Managing Conflicts in Small Groups Advantages and Disadvantages in Small Groups

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