Social Capital, Social Inequities, and Built Environment

Description Between the three readings, there is an understanding that social capital, social inequities, and the built environment play a vital role in our health and health outcomes. At the intersection of these three concepts are our communities and neighborhoods. Using the assigned readings, describe your neighborhood and community. Describe linkages between the social environment and the built environment (e.g. having sidewalks or parks in a neighborhood.) How does your environment align with concepts of social capital? What role does the ‘built environment’ play a role in health and health outcomes in your community? Paper Guidelines: 4-pages in length Include a cover page and reference page Do not include your name on your paper Use APA Citations for any outside references you use Standard margins, 12-point font, New Times Roman or similar, double-spaced Free from spelling and grammatical errors Your paper should be 2-3 pages. Do not write significantly more or less If you are unfamiliar with APA standards, please go to the Purdue Online Writing Lab: Papers will be assessed on the following criteria: Paper addresses all elements in the assignment 2-3 direct quotes from the reading to support points and arguments Was there a clear and sound introduction to the topic, including the identification of the issues, and an overview of the arguments to be used? Was there a final paragraph dedicated to a clear, summative conclusion? References in APA Format and inclusion of a source list Paper follows writing guidelines

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