social injustices related to systemic racism and the lingering effects of historical inequities

We are currently dealing with much upheaval and unrest, much of it related to social injustices related to systemic racism and the lingering effects of historical inequities that have not been addressed. We explored the IAT in our discussion of attitudes and looked at the factors that contribute to stereotyping and prejudice.

This extra credit option offers a look at just how easy it is to create inter-group hostility and provides a powerful demonstration of why we all need to do our part.

First, please watch the Frontline documentary A Class Divided (Links to an external site.) and as you watch, try to think about how the many aspects of social psychology are connected to what you see occurring.

Next, write a short reflection, discussing your reaction to the film and connecting it to at least two concepts from the course other than those in the stereotyping and prejudice chapter. That is, look beyond the obvious and think about what you see as a social psychologist might. For each concept, explain it briefly and then describe how it is illustrated in the film.

Extra credit papers are due by the last day of class.

Extra credit papers are worth up to 10 points, depending on quality of your reflection and analysis and accuracy and depth of explanation. Extra credit responses that lack evidence of critical thinking and reflection will not receive full credit.


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