social media marketing plan for LinkedIn Learning( Assignments | Online Homework Help

This plan will provide and blueprint for the managers of the organisation to more effectively use social media platforms as part of their integrated marketing communications in reaching their target market/audience to build the organisational brand.


Plan should include the following :

• Situational Analysis (inclusive of the SWOT analysis in relation to the Social Media environment of LinkedIn Learning (

• The objective(s) guiding the new social media marketing plan

• A proposed social media campaign

• The target audience for the campaign

• Justification and use of appropriate mix of social media platforms (i.e. the optimum social media mix given the social media objectives of the programme e.g.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

• Original content development required for the campaign

• Integration of the social media campaign with existing marketing initiatives (i.e. the social media initiative being part of the company’s larger Integrated Marketing Communication strategy)

• Measurement Metrics – appropriate to the relevant choice of social media platforms

• Activation plan

A sample social media plan is attached and also social media audit of LinkedIn Learning has been attached too.


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