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This is a master’s thesis The title is : sociolinguistic variation in the use of pronouns: the example of Al-Ahsaa Arabic The field of study is variationist Sociolinguistics The research question is: to what extent do the variables of Age, Gender, and place of residence account for the attested variation in the use of pronouns in Al-Ahsaa Variety? The knowledge gap this study is addressing is the effect of the social factor of residence on the linguistic variation in the use of two pronouns: the first-person singular object pronoun and the second-person singular feminine object pronoun. By residence, the researcher refers to rural and urban areas of residence. The study investigates the speech of rural speakers from the village of Al-Battaliyah and urban speakers from Al-Hufuf city. Both localities are in Al-Ahsaa, a governorate in Eastern Saudi Arabia. There are two main studies that are directly related to the topic: 1. Dialect Variation and change: The case of Al-Hufuf, Saudi Arabia Al-Bohnayyah 2011 P.s. Al-Hufuf is one of two main cities in Al-Ahsaa 2. An investigation of sociolinguistic variation in Al-Ahsa Arabic Al-Mubarak 2016 The pronouns under investigation are: 1. The first-person singular object suffix pronoun [-i] : two variants of the pronouns are: [(n)-i] and [(n)-yeh] 2. The second-person singular feminine object suffix pronoun [-k]: three variants of the pronoun are: [-k], [-ʃ] and [-tʃ] The researcher has already collected the data and coded it in Excel spreadsheets. The research proposal is ready and provides good grounds for the thesis writing. In addition, some sections of the thesis are already written or outlined, and many useful resources are cited. The collected data needs to be quantitatively analysed using a multivariate analysis to assess the effect of the social factors on the variation. Mixed-effects analysis and fixed-effect analysis are to be carried out using SPSS or similar software. I would like to be involved in the process of producing this work. And I am ready to provide information about the city and the variety of Al-Ahsaa and any needed related topics I will attach all the needed files for the project.

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