Software Development and methods Discussion Assignments Get Homework Help

1. we discuss the overall process of developing new software. Please also note the differences between software development and methods.

2.Chapter 10 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 1 (Information Systems for Business and Beyond). Submit the above homework in one document.

The study questions and exercise can be found from the below link:

3. Chapter 8 – Review the Siemens AG case study. Note the importance of understanding the interrelationships amongst all the senior leaders at every location. Pay special attention to Figure 8.1 and Figure 8.2. Note how the corporate CIO should engage with each of the regional leaders. Why is this important?

The figures can be found from the text book I uploaded.

Figure 8.1 – page number :191

Figure 8.2 – page number : 193

Dont forget to add citations and references. APA formatting and check for plagiarism.

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